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How many young ladies celebrate their 15th or 16th birthday with a HUGE party? The answer? TONS! In El Paso & Las Cruces, it is almost a given.   If you're ready to take the plunge into the world of Event Photography, then you'll want to sign up for these workshops! Spaces are open to students of all skill levels! Slots are limited to 10 students per class and the courses will be hands on so bring your camera!


Topics include:


Pricing & Contracts

Photography Gear



Photograph a Real Quinceanera or Sweet 16!* (Limited to 2 students)




Marketing 101 - Learn how to use social media to your advantage and differentiate between effective & ineffective avenues of advertising.  We'll talk about google, facebook, twitter, and every other SM outlet out there!  I highly recommend this workshop for those who are ready to get more clients through the door NOW! $100

Available: February 8, March 8.

Time: 9AM-11PM


What's Your Worth? - How do photographers make a living off capturing the same moments the guy with the iPhone next to him is "videotaping"?  Learn how to make your clients VALUE your work and pay exactly what you ask for.  Not sure what to ask for?  Stop eavesdropping on other photographer's websites to compare prices and actually determine what your pricing needs to be in order to ensure profits! You'll also learn to create your own iron-clad legal contract that can save you headaches, and potentially money.  We'll also go over the flow of a profitable and successful consultation and upselling for max profit. $150

Available: February 8, March 8.

Time: 12PM-2PM



What's in the Bag? - What type of equipment is ESSENTIAL to the once in a lifetime event? Find out at this photography gear workshop!  Try out the different pieces of equipment that will be on hand with an on-location practice shoot. $200

Available: February 8, March 8.

Tine: 3PM-5PM

*Want to practice/shadow at a real event? For an additional $150, two of you may join me on February 15 to learn what shooting a real wedding is actually like. Spots limited to the first two registrants.  Registrants must be signed up for the Feb. 8 What's in the Bag? workshop. A Quinceanera shoot can be practiced/shadowed on March 1st and will also be subject to the rules/limits/prices listed for Feb. 15's wedding.  This is a great opportunity for those who want to broaden their business options.



 Post-Quince- The consultations and Big Day are finally over.  Now what?  How do you process and organize your photography?  When and how do your clients view their photos?  Learn how to continue maximizing your profit by creating an effective post-wedding workflow. Bringing a laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop is highly encouraged to maximize your learning, but it is not required. $100

Available: February 17, March 10

Time: 5:30 PM-6:30 PM